Jean-François Heurtaux, of French nationality, is a 3D digital artist. He was born in Thies, Senegal in 1959 and grew up in Africa.

When he saw the American action Sci-fi film “TRON” in 1986 for the first time, he was so impressed by the creative use of 3D visual computing that he decided to take his first steps into that field and strived to learn everything about 3D Computer Graphics.

In 1987, Jean-François began teaching himself, through books and practice with an Amiga 500; a high-end Personal Computer with 4096 colors, powerful enough for using his first graphic application called Lightwave 3D.

In 1990, he studied 3D modeling and animation for 6 months at The ADAC Ateliers in Paris and for the first time, he was able to experiment 3D on a Silicon Graphics Workstation that, at that time, was the ultimate tool in computer graphics.

In computer and CG, I used my knowledge as:
- editor of computer magazine PIXEL - Paris.
- Unix system administrator for Silicon Graphics workstations - Paris.
- giving demo's of several 3D modeling and animation softwares on SGI workstations.

Currently, I use in my creative process the software Vue Infinite for rendering, Poser Pro 2012/DAZ4 for characters and Hexagon for modeling. As well as other software such as Maya, Houdini and Blender for animation and 3D modelling.