This new graphic technology allows me to generate 3D images that would be rather difficult to obtain with traditional means.
I especially like the ability to control any part of the 3D scene by manipulating the perspective, the lighting, the size and the color appearance of the three-dimensional models.

During those steps, I like the total control over my creative process and that is also why I appreciate this art form. I can say that imagination is my only limit and the 3D applications are just my tools.
As I find myself in front of a screen with my mouse and keyboard, my creation tools are quite different from those of a painter or a photographer who can work almost everywhere.

The major difficulty I encounter in the creation of my images is to remove the technical side of the design phase. I am always looking in my artwork for something that can touch the sensitivity as I try to depict my vision and experiences in life, by mixing imagination, reality and a drop of Zen.

“Inanimate objects, do you have a soul...?”

The first time I read the above mentioned poem segment by Alphonse de Lamartine I was deeply touched.

I consider my work completed, when looking to my artwork on the screen, I feel an invitation to a silent conversation.